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 What is the Child ID Program?



There are many ways to have a Child ID Program. A Zone Chairman could meet with his District Committee and out line his program. There are many programs currently in place to assist the Child ID Program. Some ideas include: get involved with the schools, church groups, Masonic Lodges and the Shrine. There are many community programs that can help this program. We as Masons must seek out these sources and work hand in hand with them. The Child ID Program can be phased into these existing programs and used to our advantage. This program can benefit our children and their parents. One method is to have a VHS or CD made of the child with their current weight, color of their hair, ask a few questions that the child can answer if they get lost or taken away by a stranger.


Veterans Appreciation Breakfast





Join us the 1st Saturday of each month to support the Noah.

Lodge sponsored “Veterans Breakfast”. We offer to any Veteran, their family and friends as well as anyone who would like to support our veterans a free breakfast. Donations are gladly accepted!!!


Event Location Noah Lodge 357 F & AM, 41 Willis Road, Fort Myers, FL 33917, United States for more information about this event please email us directly at



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